When lightning is detected, Bonanza Golf Operations will make a decision to suspend play. However, according to the R&A Rule 5-7, players may elect to stop play at any time if they believe there is danger from lightning. View the rule by CLICKING HERE

The rules regarding lightning apply to all persons on the premises including players and caddies.

Bonanza is notified through a weather application when a lightning strike is within a 20km radius of the golf course. However, spark strikes (strikes which may originate without prior warning or jump from previous strike more than 15km away) are common in the area.

Please note that Bonanza Golf Course does not accept any responsibility for the timing of lightning warnings and any person on the golf course and all people must at all times take the necessary care and precaution and are at all times responsible for their own welfare.

When lightning is detected the following sirens will apply:

*ONE LONG BLAST – Stop Play immediately and move to your closest shelter (clubhouse, or shelter behind 3rd green or behind the 14th green.



When the siren is sounded all players MUST discontinue play immediately (Finishing the hole or quickly putting out is not allowed and any disregard will result in immediate disqualification)

All Players with due regard to their own safety, must return to the Clubhouse or Lightning Shelters. Once the ALL CLEAR is given adequate time for the players will be allowed to get to their respective positions to resume play. (Any player who starts before the official resumption of play will be disqualified.)